Reconfigurable LED lighting system on a refridgerator

LED refridgerator lights depicting Pac Man
Remember the Lite-Brite toy from many years ago? Here is a project which creates a similar electronic canvas on your refrigerator (or other surface)!

Albright, I admit this is not likely to be found on any “normal” people’s refrigerators. Or, should I say, any married-people’s refrigerators 😉 but it definitely appeals to the inner-nerd.

Using a conductive nickel spray-paint, this creative nerd painted a pattern on the front of their refrigerator which is just wide enough for a 10mm LED to straddle. The LEDs had magnets added which allow the LED to stick to the fridge with the two leads spanning the conductive traces, thus forming a complete circuit. Power is provided by an AC adapter — cleverly, an adapter with AC output was used which allows the LEDs to be placed in any orientation and still light-up.

It’s a cool idea that has a very interesting appearance when completed. Of course, showing Pac Man and a couple of ghosts just seals the nerdly deal. Plus, I’m a sucker for multi-colored LED projects (das blinkenlights 😀 ) as you can see by looking at some of the other posts and projects I’ve made.

This same idea could be applied to any number of surfaces to allow you to have a reconfigurable LED display anywhere that you see fit. I’m thinking that this kind of project would be great in a game-room where party-goers could fiddle with the LEDs while awaiting their turn playing the games. It would almost be like a neon sign except easily changeable to say whatever strikes your mood. Hey! How about on a keg-fridge in your game room? Sounds like a winner!

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