The lazy/smart cook’s way to quickly peel potatoes (video)

Potato clip art
Another wacky Japanese film shows you how to peel a potato the easy way!

Similar to the speed T-shirt folding video you may have seen, this video demonstrates a technique you can use to peel potatoes faster than ever before! Of course, the odd pops, squeaks, and other sound effects are a bonus and give the video a bit of humor. Educational and entertaining all at once – now you know why you come to this site! 😀

I’m sure that people familiar with blanching and other forms of food preparation for canning and storage will already know of this technique. I wish that I could read or understand the Japanese as it would be nice to know how long it was in the boiling water (enough to cook it or just a few seconds). I’m guessing that it was long enough to cook as the potato appears fairly soft after the skin is removed. Perhaps Alton Brown of Good Eats will swing-by and comment…

2 thoughts on “The lazy/smart cook’s way to quickly peel potatoes (video)”

  1. Now I know how I am spending my weekend. I am going to buy a couple of 20# bags of spuds and go to town.

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