Disney World monorail pusher photos

Monorail pusher
Here are a few pics of the gas-powered emergency monorail car at Disney World I took in 2004.

I was in Disney World in June of 2004 when I took these. There was a pretty bad storm coming-over (not a hurricane, fortunately!) and lightning had apparently hit a portion of the monorail track which caused something to blow and shut-down all of the trains.

We were at the front of the line to head home when this happened and therefore, had a very good view of the little pusher car (I guess that’s what you’d call it) that is used in emerency situations. It was gas powered and appeared to come out of the Contemporary Resort building, but it’s tough to say for sure from the angle I was at.

I figured I should snap some pics as it’s not too often that you get to see the “behind the scenes” working of a Disney Park like this. Also, during this trip, Space Mountain got shut-down several times and I got some good lights-on views from the People Mover but sadly, could not get my camera out fast enough to get the shots.

Click for bigger pics:
Monorail pusher coming into Magic Kingdom station Monorail pusher in Magic Kingdom station Monorail pusher in Magic Kingdom station

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  2. In actuality, it most likely came out of the joint monorail/Disney World railroad workshop and maintenance center located behind the Magic Kingdom. It’s switchout is located between the Magic Kingdom and The Contemporary Resort. You can easily see the swith on the Magic Kingdom side of the Monorail track. The center also serves as the roundhouse of the WDW Railroad, whose switch to the center is located right before the Toontown Fair Station. Glad to be some help!

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