Pac Man Christmas tree is the coolest anywhere!

Christmas tree display Pac Man game
This unconventional tree displays a slightly animated version of Pac Man!

Just a quick post this time as my Spanish isn’t anywhere near good enough to figure-out what they’re saying. Perhaps Steve will chime-in.

Anyway, this pyramidal tree displays a mock version of the classic arcade game Pac Man on its four sides. The graphics are slightly animated, so you’ll see a ghost bouncing around, but due to the nature of the maze, the game is not actually playable.

Check-out the video of the Pac Man Christmas Tree below.

Now what gaming geek wouldn’t want a tree like that?!

4 thoughts on “Pac Man Christmas tree is the coolest anywhere!”

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  2. it is great that you like our pacman tree!! it has been designed by DUYOS a spanish fashion brand

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