Ultra tiny full-blown x86 class computer

The first pico-ITX computer that’s available
Imagine what you could build with a fully functional, fully spec’ed x86 class computer that’s the size of a couple 2.5″ laptop drives stacked?
Utilizing the Pico-ITX form factor standard, this tiny little computer is one of the first designs to become available (or very soon). It features everything you’d expect from a normal personal computer such as a VGA video output, ethernet, USB 2.0, and other peripheral goodies, full x86 compatibility and even great power consumption ratings. The real kicker, though, is the 3.9″ x 2.8″ size!

With a computer that size, you can embad Linux, Windows, or whatever you want in nearly any project, thus combining the easy of development using programming tools you’re familiar with along with a compact and battery-friendly circuit design. Pretty cool!

You can read a hand-on write-up on this cool little micro (literally) computer if you’re interested to know a bit more.

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