Modern technology combined with ancient Egyptian history

Egyptian pyramids
What do you get when you combine modern website design with ancient Egyptian history?

You get the Theban Mapping Project.

One of the very few segments of history that I enjoy is the study of ancient Egyptian society and mythology, so I’m going to diverge a bit from my normal posting subjects for a moment… 😉

This well-produced site offers interactive maps, photos, and information on various ancient Egyptian historical sites. You can peruse floorplans of temples, view interior photos of tombs, and lots of other cool things. The maps are zoomable, much like Google Maps, and allow you to pan around to see the landscapes and view the relative positioning of each of the significant sites.

The Theban Mapping Project is a great example of how to combine modern-day technology with ancient history to create an educational and interesting resource. I’m still hoping that someone takes the time to re-create these ancient tombs in 3D so I can walk-through them and look around, similar to actually being there. If you know of anything like this, let me know, as I doubt I’ll be taking any trips to Egypt anytime soon considering the current political climate. 🙁

3 thoughts on “Modern technology combined with ancient Egyptian history”

  1. I agree, Mike. This is a very cool website! Imagine the time it took to do this, unbelievable. It’s done with Macromedia Flash. My girlfriend, Tiffany, is a flash designer and is in complete awe of how this site was built. It’s one of her all time favorites. So everyone check it out for three or four hours. That’s how much stuff is mapped there.

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