Video showing the world’s largest airliner being built in 7 minutes

Airbus A380 emerging from an assembly hangar
The Airbus A380: 555 seats and a double deck design. See its 12 month build cycle cut down to 7 minutes.

The Airbus A380 eclipses even the massive Boeing 747. It has seating for 555 people on TWO decks up to 12 seats wide. The wingspan is nearly 262 feet and the plane, in its cargo-hauling version, will be capable of lifting 150,000 tons of cargo.

Airbus orders many of the parts for their planes from various manufacturers, many of which arrive fully assembled and must be transported to the assembly area. As you will see in the video, this creates some interesting challenges transporting the huge wings and body sections through the small European towns. Watching that, it’s easy to see why Boeing tries to do as much assembly in-house as possible.

Anyway, assembling a plane this large is an incredible feat of engineering and normally takes 12 months to complete. In the video below, you can watch it happen in about 7 minutes. So, sit back and enjoy one of those “I guess I never really thought about how they do that” type of videos 😀

More stats and information are available here if you’re interested.

6 thoughts on “Video showing the world’s largest airliner being built in 7 minutes”

  1. Of course, they don’t show the miles and miles of wires and other “innards” being installed into those sections (let alone the building of those sections in the first place). The video really helps you to appreciate all the effort that goes into building a plane. And the video is only showing you a fraction of that effort.

    Definitely cool to watch.

  2. Sweet vid Mike! Just the engineering that it takes to make that behemeth fly, is just mind boggeling! Can’t wait to see one of those things parked at a gate in a couple years!

  3. I have tried to open the video which depicts the incredible building of the A380 in 7 minutes.

    Why is this no longer available?

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