New Apple products announced

New Apple logo
Sadly, there is no Mac Mini with built-in DVR funtionality, but the new Mini based on the Intel chips is now available. Also announced were some no-so-interesting iPod accessories.

With my Tivo (Series 1) yearly subscription about to renew, I was hoping that Apple would grace us with an Intel-based Mini with built-in video capture, thus allowing DVR functionality when combined with FrontRow and the Apple remote.

Alas, what was announced is just a plain ole’ Mac Mini, except now it’s based on the Intel Core (single core or dual, your choice) and does include FrontRow and a remote. Why couldn’t they include the capture functionality and complete the package??? I guess it’s another year with my old but beloved Tivo…

Apple also announced a boom-box type gizmo that you can plug your iPod into. This would be really cool to have at work, if I could listen without headphones, but considering that there have been 3rd party amplified speaker bases available for the iPod for some time, I don’t find this announcement very exciting.

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