A little Florida dreaming

Florida sunset seen from resort
As I’m sitting here working on the site, about the turn-on the electric heater to fight-off the nightly Colorado winter chill, I thought I’d browse through some photos I took on my last trip to Florida.

These photos were taken in June of 2004 during my last vacation. The shots are from a time-share we had in Captiva Island, obviously before the hurricanes ravaged the gulf coast. After the hurricanes, at least one of which hit pretty much dead-on into Sanibel and Captiva, there is obviously not as much beauty to be had. The resort, whom I will not link to due to a very bad experience on this trip, has been closed for repairs since 2004 – that’s how bad the damage was. Of course, 2005 provided no relief from the storms, which did not help.

As you can see, the porch is screened-in, as any good porch in Florida is, or else it’s pretty much unusable. However, you can still see the wonderful sunset and also a daytime shot from a roughly similar angle.

I need to get to Florida, if not to live, to at least visit. Until then, I have my photos and Brian’s Great Florida Experiment (the Prologue is almost a 100% accurate description of my situation, minus the six-figure salary đŸ˜‰ ) to get me through the days.

Florida sunset seen from resort Florida daytime from resort

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